5. Radio Experience

Small World Radio: Spring / 2018, Fall / 2018
This is Comfort Now: Spring 2020-Spring 2022

Holy Smoke on WAIF 88.3: Spring 2023

Beginning January 2023, my brother Peter and I will cohost a radio show called Holy Smoke on local Cincinnati radio station WAIF 88.3.

From 2018-2019, my friend Sydney and I ran a radio show at our university called Small World Radio, a radio show dedicated to featuring international music and music from the local Ohio area.

I also hosted a radio show called This Is Comfort Now Wednesdays from 9-11PM EST on www.Badradio.biz for the duration of the pandemic.

Below are promotional posters I designed for both radio shows, utilizing found imagery and personal projects. These radio shows give me a chance to explore and share new music, and they also let me experiment with new designs each week that are completely my own.

This is Comfort Now Promotional Graphics

Small World Radio Promotional Graphics

Found Image and Artwork credits: Artwork by Andrea Zittel, Cher, artwork by Antonella Serra & Sara Renzetti, photography by Chris Maggio, screen cap from The Simpsons, album cover by Balla et ses Balladins, artwork by Jillian Tamaki.

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