4. Homee

January - May / 2019

Homee is an “On-Demand Home Servicing Platform”.

Co-op internship emphasized user experience and user interface design with a focus on design systems, as well as asset design and template design for Homee applications in both the mobile and desktop format. Participation through UC DAAP’s Professional Practice Program.

Homee was a fantastic learning process that taught me about the importance of utility and user-experience when it comes to design. I enjoyed learning about design of digital interfaces, and when it came to creating work such as the Home Inspection PDF, I felt prepared to create a document that not only communicated Homee’s goals effectively, but did so in a way that was digestable to the audience.

Spring  / 2019
Template and Layout: Home Inspection PDF

Tasked with designing Homee’s Home Inspection PDF provided to clients after home inspections ordered through the Homee app. By auditing other inspection PDFs and participting in usability testing on various subjects, an inspection PDF that was easy to navigate provided users pertinent information concerning their properties.

Spring  / 2019
Design System Audit: Homee, Thumbtack, Airbnb, Taskrabbit & Design Systems

Below is a sample audit of design systems, comparing and categorizing various modules used throughout Homee applications. Similar auditing processes were applied to other online service applications such as Thumbtack, Airbnb and Taskrabbit, which were ultimately used to create a fuller understanding of useful design systems that can be applied to Homee’s applications.

Spring  / 2019
Template and Layout: Automated Email Templates

Tasked with updating and streamlining Homee’s automated email system, templates of various email prompts were created in Sketch to utilize a consistent design system that can be applied to all future automated emails.


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