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Techincal and professional writing, creative exercises and comparative literature studies.

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Spring 2021–2022
“Find Later” Lyrics “Find Later” is my band Spoils’ first EP release. I wrote all of the songs and lyrics between spring of 2021 and 2022. 

Spring–Fall 2022
Poetry (Freelance)
Free verse poetry written for organic social media marketing.

Fall / 2021
Examinations of Stylistic Techniques in Prose and Performance Based Compositions
An analytical compilation of texts that utilize specific forms of prose composition to deliver their messages. An attempt to practice textual analysis and composition with the specific purpose of emphasizing stylistic devices and techniques.

Spring  / 2021
Rhetoric and Professional Writing Capstone:
Q-Kidz Dance Team Grant Handbook
The Q-Kidz Dance Team Grant Handbook is an all-encompassing grant application guide for the Q-Kidz Dance Team, a renowned dance team founded by Marquicia Jones-Woods in the West End of Cincinnati in 1983. My team collaborated with Q-Kidz Dance Team to create a handbook that will allow virtually anyone to apply for a grant for Q-Kidz, by providing all necessary history, statistics, information, and guidance needed when applying for a grant.

Deliverables include a handbook that details an overview of the Q-Kidz Dance Team, instructions concerning grants and what they are used for, how to acquire grants for Q-Kidz, and a specific template for writing grants for Q-Kidz. Additionally, me and my two cohorts each applied to a grant for the Q-Kidz Dance Team.

Spring / 2021
Frederik Pohl’s Man Plus and Percieved Boundaries Between Man and Property
This textual analysis explores the relationship between man and percieved property in the science fiction novel Man Plus, expressed by human and cyborg relationships and the attempt to dominate the natural world in the name of supposed scientific and technological advancement.

Spring / 2021 
Response Options for “Désirée’s Baby” by Kate Chopin, Ruth Hall by Franny Fern, “The Anti-Suffragists” by Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman, “Housewife” by Anne Sexton
This textual analysis explores topics of domesticity, suffragism, love, and motherhood. 

Fall / 2020
Environmental Writing Capstone:
Perceptions of Safety in Burnet Woods
My capstone group studied perceptions of safety surrounding Burnet Woods, a park in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati. We administered and analyzed community surveys concerning present safety concerns and applied our research to past studies and historical accounts. 

Fall  / 2020
Rhetorical Analysis of Knee Play 5 from Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass
Rhetorical Analysis of Knee Play 5, the final intermezzo of the fourth and final act of Philip Glass’ 1976 opera Einstein on the Beach

Spring  / 2020
Namelessness and Characterization: Understanding Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man’s Narrator
An exploration of the characterization of the protagonist of the novel, specifically by examining the protagonist’s lack of name and how that contributes to his percieved identity. 

Spring / 2020
“And Love Shines Fiercely Through”: A Comparative Examination of Themes of Love in the Poetry of Mirabai and Joni Mitchell’s Blue
Cross examination of the poetry of Mirabai, a 16th century Hindu poet, and Joni Mitchell’s 1971 album Blue. This paper examines themes of love, devotion, and loss.