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Spring 2020 - Fall 2021

I recently graduated with B.S. in Rhetoric and Professional Writing. Below is some of my most recent work. You can click the red, bolded text to access the work.

Spring  / 2021
Rhetoric and Professional Writing Capstone:
Q-Kidz Dance Team Grant Handbook

The Q-Kidz Dance Team Grant Handbook is an all-encompassing grant application guide for the Q-Kidz Dance Team, a renowned dance team founded by Marquicia Jones-Woods in the West End of Cincinnati in 1983. Our team collaborated with Q-Kidz Dance Team to create a handbook that will allow virtually anyone to apply for a grant for Q-Kidz, by providing all necessary history, statistics, information, and guidance needed when applying for a grant. Our team had virtually no experience writing grants until the Spring 2021 semester. We dove head first into the grant writing process, working from the ground up to create a comprehensive guide that walks an applicant step-by-step through the grant writing process, specifically for the Q-Kidz Dance Team. 

Deliverables include a Grant Handbook that details an Overview of the Q-Kidz Dance Team, instructions concerning grants and what they are used for, how to acquire grants for Q-Kidz, and a specific template for writing grants for Q-Kidz. Additionally, me and my two teammates each applied to a grant for the Q-Kidz Dance Team. It was a learning process that certainly paid off, given that Q-Kidz mainly sustains themselves through grant funding. Getting to partner with the Q-Kidz was a truly special experience that I am grateful to have been part of.

Spring / 2021
Environment in Literature and Film:
Frederik Pohl’s Man Plus and Percieved Boundaries Between Man and Property

Environment in Literature and Film is a course that explores relationships between man, animal, and the environment. My critical response paper explores the relationship between man and percieved property in the science fiction novel Man Plus, expressed by human and cyborg relationships and the attempt to dominate the natural world in the name of supposed scientific and technological advancement.

Through cross examination of literature and film, I developed a further understanding of humanity’s excessive attempt to dominate and capitalize upon the natural world, which operates beyond the constraints of human nature and holds inherent value as it stands. I also developed a new found appreciation for science fiction literature, not only for its imaginative and creative storytelling, but for its ability to predict circumstances of scientific and natural progress.

Spring / 2021 
Outrageous Writings By Women:
Response Options for “Désirée’s Baby” by Kate Chopin, Ruth Hall by Franny Fern, “The Anti-Suffragists” by Charlotte Anna Perkins Gilman, “Housewife” by Anne Sexton

Outrageous Writings By Women explored feminist and female oriented novels, short stories, poetry, and video media.  My first response option from the semester includes explorations of domesticity, suffragism, love, and motherhood. This assignment both challenged and inspired me with the diverse array of texts and their both direct and abstracted commentary on systems of oppression and feminism throughout history. 

Past work from Fall and Spring of 2020. 

Fall / 2020
Environmental Writing Capstone:
Perceptions of Safety in Burnet Woods

I participated in an Environmental Writing Capstone in Fall of 2020 in which my Capstone group studied perceptions of safety surrounding Burnet Woods, a park in the Clifton neighborhood of Cincinnati. We administered and analyzed community surveys concerning present safety concerns and applied our research to past studies and historical accounts. I have a deep attachment to Cincinnati’s beautiful public parks, and this study allowed for further insight into false perceptions of community based infrastructure, and how proposing alternative, positive narratives can engage communities further in investing in public gathering spaces.

Our capstone group’s surveys came to an obvious conclusion; people who frequently visited public parks, specifically Burnet Woods, tended to have more positive interactions and perceptions of green spaces. However, our group proposed further engagement of Burnet Woods calling for more community partnerships, such as through the University of Cincinnati and surrounding educational institutions.
Fall  / 2020
Intro to Professional Writing: 
Rhetorical Analysis of Knee Play 5 from Einstein on the Beach by Philip Glass

Rhetorical Analysis of Knee Play 5, the final intermezzo of the fourth and final act of Philip Glass’ 1976 opera Einstein on the Beach. This performance has moved me since I was in high school, specifically for its abstracted narrative, its dazzling and repetative musical composition, and its unique choreography. I wanted to analyze the rhetoric of the opera specifically because Glass’ ability to construct emotionally touching art that defies the traditional conventions of opera both interested and challenged me. This rhetorical analysis touches upon the music, lyrics and narrative of the composition in hopes of identifying key factors that make the performance as successful as it is. The intended audience includes those familiar with the work of Philip Glass as well as those who are unfamiliar and wish to know more.

I learned so much about Philip Glass and Einstein on the Beach while working on this rhetorical analysis, and I really enjoyed the process. Not only did was I able to familiarize myself further with Glass’ work, but I also learned quite a bit about the process of analyzing the rhetorical factors introduced in the work.

Fall  / 2020
Intro to Professional Writing: 
Arts Spaces in Cincinnati Infographic

This assignment includes designing an infographic over a topic of our choosing. Considering my appreciation for Cincinnati and my love of art, I decided to explore some of my favorite arts spaces in Cincinnati, including the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Contemporary Arts Center and the Weston Art Gallery. The proposed audience of this infographic is really for anyone, but especially those who hope to learn more about some of the places to view thought-provoking and moving art in Cincinnati.

I learned quite a bit while completing this assignment. Although I was previously familiar with these spaces, there was some information that I was unfamiliar with, including the history of these spaces. I also have a little bit of experience creating infographics, so I enjoyed this opportunity to experiment with a new form of infographic on a topic I was interested in.

Spring / 2020
Writing For Justice: Negative Perceptions Challenged in Burnet Woods Park: Clifton Park Serves at Site of Community Enjoyment, Community Concern
This document serves as a press release for an Environmental Writing course concerning an ongoing study of perceptions of safety in Cincinnati’s Burnet Woods park.

Spring  / 2020
Ways of Reading Literature: Namelessness and Characterization: Understanding Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man’s Narrator
This was written in response to reading Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. It explores the characterization of the protagonist of the novel, specifically by examining the protagonist’s lack of name and how that contributes to his percieved identity. 

Spring / 2020
World Literature I: “And Love Shines Fiercely Through”: A Comparative Examination of Themes of Love in the Poetry of Mirabai and Joni Mitchell’s Blue
This was a final project for a World Literature course. I cross examined the poetry of Mirabai, a 16th century Hindu poet, and Joni Mitchell’s 1971 album Blue. This paper examines themes of love, devotion, and loss.

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